A sidecar is a cocktail traditionally made with cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice. You could enjoy one at a local bar in Surry Hills or Woolloomooloo. Even better, well take you there in our  sidecar . It has to be the best way to see Sydney. Our sidecars are one-wheeled outfits and attached to a motorbike and it's the most fun you can have on three-wheels. 


A sidecar has to be the best way to see Sydney. My sidecar is a 2017 Ural. Ural Sidecars have been in production for over 70 years.

Helmets and jackets

Helmets are required by law in Australia and I'll supply one. For an authentic sidecar look, you can wear some Instagrammable goggles I'll supply or just wear your sunnies.


Just the two (or three) of us

I want to give a personalised experience, so it's just going to be you, me and the sidecar. When I travel alone, I enjoy the undivided attention of a local, so that's what I want to offer you. Bring your friend, partner or loved one along too so they can share the experience. One rides in the sidecar and the other pillion on the bike. We can swap over if you can convince you're better half to give you a go in the sidecar seat.



I am a registered motorcycle tour operator with NSW Government and have completed a special training course in how to handle a sidecar. The maximum speed around Sydney we get up to is about 60km/hr which is the perfect pace to experience the city. The sidecar is fitted with the Bremer Disc Brake System on both the motorcycle and the rig. 

Kids can ride too

Passengers under 18 must be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian. To ride in the Sidecar you need to be at least 5 years of age. To ride pillion you need to be 15 years of age or over. 



If it's bad weather, I'll give you a full refund. See my terms and conditions for the complete rundown on cancellations. It's a very fair policy. For safety reasons I avoid heavy rain. For light rain, I've got raincoats to keep you dry (well relatively dry... you're in a sidecar after all).


Weight limits 

The weight limit for passengers is 130kg.


Insurance and security

Sydney Sidecar has public liability insurance which covers passengers during the tour. There's a lockable boot for storage of your valuables if we decide to grab a coffee (or a swim... yay!). 


We will have plenty of time to stop and take photos along the way and put them up on Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn if your boss doesn't care that you skipped work for the day! The experiences have been planned to allow enough time off for photos. We can cruise around in the sidecar the entire time, take some time out at a cafe, restaurant, bar, or just quietly marvel at the views.



Bespoke is what I do best. If there's something in particular you want to see or check out, let me know.


I love dogs and happy for them to travel with us. Just keep a tight hold on to your loved one so he doesn't launch onto some unsuspecting Sydneysider during the trip.


Learn about Sydney

Cruising around Sydney wouldn't be right without the lowdown on the city and all it's villages, so I'll provide commentary during the trip.



All tours are conducted in English, but I spent a few years working in Italy, so for the Varesini out there, I'm happy to speak the mother tongue. Facciamo un giro ragazzi!



I suggest long pants and shoes. Bring a jacket in case the weather changes, and if you get too chilly, I've got a nice warm blanket that you can wrap around your legs granny style.