I'm Pat Birgan. I love being a Sydneysider. It's hectic. It's laid-back. It's new. It's historical. Full of contrasts.

For travellers it's exciting and unique. For locals, there are endless new discoveries waiting around the corner.

I want to give you a truely unique and memorable experience in Sydney. For a few hours I want you to feel like a Sydneysider.

When I'm travelling, I love nothing more than connecting with locals and finding out where the best local cafes are, the hidden gems of the city and the best activities that are off the well-worn tourist track.  

I really enjoy returning to a city I love over and over and over again to dig deeper and have new adventures. Berlin, Zurich, Stockholm, Bern, Varese. When I revisited those places, something new had always popped up but then there were always the old favourites. A little barbershop. A quaint cafe. A cool spot to go for a swim. A second-hand record store.

That's what I want to offer visitors to Sydney.

If you've never been to Sydney before, then yes you must go visit the Opera House, walk the bridge, go bar hopping at the Rocks. After that, you have to dig deeper to find experiences that can live in your mind and social media forever.

If you want offbeat and unique then this is the experience for you.